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Welcome to the EWGA Seattle Chapter

This site also includes a lot of info from our national EWGA organization. If you get to a page where you no longer see the "Seattle Chapter" tab as a choice across the top of the page, you are on the national site. Don't fret! You should be able to get back to the Seattle Chapter site via your back arrow. Contact if you are not able to find what you're looking for. 

Be a part of the largest Women's Golf Association and Get Ahead!     

Session 2 League Registration Open!

Weekly league registration for session 1 is open now!

Check out our league page for more details. 

Interested in Trying Match Play?

Match Play is a format where, instead of  track of each of your strokes for the round, you keep track of the holes that you win or lose.  The team who wins the most holes, wins the match!  Many players find Match Play to be a fun way to compete since one “blow-up hole” doesn’t mean you’re out of the match. 

1.  Two person teams will be placed in a double elimination brackets.  So you are guaranteed 2 matches and it may be possible to lose a match and still win the tournament!  

2.  Once registration is over we will send out your bracket information and specific procedures for setting up your matches and for reporting results of the matches.   

3.  The first round will need to be completed by May 31th, the second round by June 30st. Each round will be one month in duration, length of bracket depends on how many teams sign up.

Register here by finding a playing partner or by registering as an individual and being paired up by the coordinator.

Cost is $10 per person ($20 per team) into a prize fund and providing your handicaps and noting who your partner is. 


Seattle Virtual League 2016



Welcome to the EWGA Seattle Chapter’s Virtual League. Our Virtual League affords members another opportunity to play competitive golf in a fun environment. Players will compete within two to three flights based on their handicaps. The league is designed to help new and veteran golfers play in a slightly competitive, yet friendly environment.

Players of all skill levels are welcome. To be eligible, you simply need to have a current handicap index and be a current member of the Seattle Chapter.  As part of your EWGA membership you have free online access to our handicap index system called GN21. Or if you already maintain your index on another system, that is fine as well. Our local Handicap Chair, Lisa Scott, can assist you with any questions. Email Lisa at

To be eligible for year-end prizes, you are required to play a minimum of five of the total Seattle stroke play events throughout the calendar year. Once you sign up for the Virtual League, you are eligible to start the friendly competition.   You will need to write on your scorecard VL for virtual league events. Check our website and E-Blast for our events schedule.

Lastly, to be included in the Virtual League, you must register. Cost is $20. This will enable us to purchase prizes for the Virtual League winners. Register here


  • Virtual League participants must play a minimum of five course events to be eligible for the end-of-year prizes.

  • Virtual League play will follow normal USGA stroke play rules.

  • The Virtual League fee for 2016 will be $20. Proceeds will be used to support the year-end prizes. The full Virtual League fee must be paid at time of registration, prior to participating in any of the Virtual League games.

  • Virtual League participants will be required to register and pay separately for each individual event they play during the season.

  • Our competition will consist of two to three flights, depending on the number of and index level of participants.

  • Your current handicap index will be used to determine your NET score for each event.

  • Winners will be awarded based on the five best cumulative NET scores in each flight. If you play more than five long course events, your cumulative NET score will be based on the five best net scores out of your total course events. First, second, and third place will be awarded in each flight.

  • Always be prepared to play ready golf. As safety permits, play ready golf from tee to green.

  • The rotation of Virtual League Games: Any Nine Holes: (Choose any nine holes, minus ½ handicap) Double It : (Throw out 2 worst holes, minus full handicap) Eenie Meanie:  (best three par 3's, par 4's and par 5's minus 1/2 handicap); Even Holes:  (even holes minus 1/2 handicap); First & Last: (first 4 holes plus last 5 holes minus 1/2 handicap); Long Johns:  (9 longest holes minus 1/2 handicap); Play The Middle: (holes 6-14 minus 1/2 handicap); Odd Holes: (odd holes minus 1/2 handicap); Alibi (substitute par for 3 worst holes, minus full handicap); Sweet & Sour: (4 best on front and 4 best on back PLUS worst hole overall minus 1/2 handicap).

  •  Scorecard Process:

  1. Email in your completed (gross scores are noted for every hole), signed and attested scorecard to

  2. Circle the Virtual League game holes.

  3. Please write legibly and put your name, date, and the Virtual League game on your scorecard.

If you have any questions about the Virtual League, please contact Samantha Gillett, President, at


Upcoming Events

Support EWGA Sponsors and Member Businesses!

When considering purchasing products and services, please be sure to
a) support our chapter sponsors and
b) check our Member Business Listings and support our EWGA Seattle Chapter members who own or represent products or services in the Puget Sound area!

Welcome to the EWGA Seattle Chapter!

Since 1993, the EWGA Seattle Chapter has promoted the growth of women's golf in the Pacific Northwest.

OUR MISSION: "Connecting women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and fun"

Are you an avid golfer, looking for organized events at local courses?
Want to play golf, but can't find the people, places or time?
Your company or client wants you to play golf, but you aren't sure about the rules of the game or golf etiquette?
You don't have a handicap, but would like to learn more about what that is and how to get one?
You travel and want a source for woman-friendly courses and or friendly golf companions in other areas?
You want to test or improve your golf skills through friendly competitions?

If any of these apply to you, then check us out!

We may be the group for you --  EWGA - The golf organization for current and aspiring business and professional women.

Our chapter is part of an international EWGA organization. You can join through the EWGA Web site, either online or by downloading an application.  

Peruse our website and learn about our fun activities, and contact our Membership Chair if you have questions about joining the EWGA Seattle Chapter.

We hope to see you on the course soon!


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Hot News From EWGA HQ

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"Get Golf Ready" - Great for Newer Golfers

Get Golf Ready is a national program designed to teach everything you'll need to play golf in just a few lessons. EWGA Chapters coordinate with PGA and LPGA Professionals to link EWGA members who are new golfers to a Get Golf Ready clinic in their area. Several Seattle area courses are participating, including Harbour Pointe.

Get Golf Ready sessions cover:

The Hole is the Goal - How to get around the club house, social benefits, what to wear, the difference in golf clubs, putting

Getting it Close - Stretching and wellness tips; how to hold the club; chipping and pitching; caring for the course

Swing, Swing, Swing - The full swing; using your irons; learning the lingo

Driving School - Hitting long shots; Tee It Forward; helpful short cuts

Ready, Set...Go Golf - Playing the first few holes; tips for playing in groups; driving the cart; review of the rules

 To find out more and find a class near you, visit Play Golf America's "Get Golf Ready" site.  

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EWGA Seattle Chapter
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