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            Welcome to 2016!      

Welcome to the Birmingham, Alabama Chapter

Started in 1994, the Birmingham Chapter of the EWGA was named a “Chapter of Distinction” by EWGA in 2013.  We invite all women throughout the community to join in our celebration.  Come and discover what golf can bring to your life and the wealth of opportunities that EWGA membership provides.  We are building more than great connections.  Whether you are an experienced golfer or are interested in learning and have never played – this is your opportunity to get involved, meet more women and have more fun.  Come and meet women that have the potential to change the course of your life.  We offer an abundance of affordable, organized  golf opportunities, networking and social events that fit the needs and schedule of today’s women.  For more information about the EWGA and its membership, visit


Welcome New Members!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members. We are so pleased to have you in the Birmingham Chapter!

  • Bernadette Beavers-Forrest
  • Pam Overstreet
  • Debbie Alexander
  • Terry Sherman
  • Marilyn Figueroa
  • Madge Gregg
  • Wynn Hardy
  • Sandra Morgan
  • Karen Spencer

Need to Renew an Expired Membership?

  • Members have 2 months to renew online before they are considered lapsed and are locked out of the database for renewal purposes.  After 2 months, they will need to complete a renewal form and return it by fax or mail so that they can be reactivated in the database.

  • However, within that 2 month window, if members are even one day past their renewal date they will not be able to sign into the Members Only area ( – which includes the Member Clubhouse and the GN21 Handicap system.

  • To renew, these members must go to the main EWGA website at and sign in (upper right corner) using their email and password.

  • That takes them to the page with the “Membership Renewal” button on the left.

  • Of course, if anyone has issues, contact EWGA HQ on the toll free number at 800-407-1477 x10 so we can take their renewal by phone.

Handicap Information

Click here to access our handicap information page.  You can access the link to post a score from the information page or you can click here to go directly to the EWGA member portal. 

If you have a GHIN handicap, remember they expire each January and you have to renew them (unless your club automatically does it for you).  Just contact your club/provider and pay for 2016, in order to keep your handicap current/valid.


Golf Course Network

As a member of EWGA you are entitled to discounts at golf courses that are a member of the EWGA Golf Network. Current courses in Alabama are listed below:

Click here for information and discounts at each course. 

Member Privacy Vs. Required Contact information

  • More and more EWGA members are concerned about having their personal contact information appear online.  EWGA respects that, and has a couple of options to have control of what appears.

  • The option of marking your record in the EWGA database as “Do Not Publish Online” is available; however, it has negative consequences.  If this is done to a member record, then the member is blocked from being able to login to the EWGA Member Clubhouse and the Handicap Service.  We do not recommend this option.

  • Some members go online and delete their mailing address, phone and email so that it won’t appear online.  We definitely do not recommend this option as then there is no way to communicate with them at all.  This impacts our Chapter too, as the contact information won’t appear on the roster we receive each week.

  • The best option is for members to login to the Member Clubhouse ( and update the “Privacy Settings” under the “My Profile” tab.  You can choose specifically which information you want to show online, and to whom (Including nobody).

  • To ensure that you continue to receive our Chapter communications, we also recommend that you do not "opt out" on the newsletters and other email blasts that we send using our email client.  Once you do this, we cannot add you back in and you will not receive all of our email communications and thus will not be fully informed of what is going on in our chapter. 


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Hot News From EWGA HQ

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Match Play Madness


[Note: When you complete your current match - please keep going!]


Despite the heat - everyone got their matches completed — Southerners are tough!  

In Flight 1 - This is the last round that Barbee, alone in the Winner’s Bracket, can rest on her laurels…  In the Flight 1 Loser's Bracket - Pia & Sylvia had a perfect MPM match. Both played super well but Pia was the victor. Sylvia would like it noted that she took $1.00 from everyone in the group with her Hole #2 birdie -- but Pia, showing no mercy, shot a 35 on the back nine. Yes, that is NOT a typo  — a 35!!!!!!

In Flight 2 -  Tricia, too, doesn’t have long to wait in the Winner's Bracket…. In Flight 2's Loser's Bracket -- Jane beat Patti.  Patti would like it to be known that there was voodoo a'foot, or witch’s sorcery going on with Jane’s putts!!! Laura — beware!

In Flight 3's Winner's Bracket -- Bobbie & Jennifer were slated to play at Ol' Colony—which they did — but only for fun — because, Bobbie, graciously withdrew from MPM after learning that her house had sold. As most of you know, Bobbie will be moving back to her hometown of Nashville — leaving rather big shoes to fill!!!  So…Jennifer now gets a wee respite in the Winner’s Bracket.  Down in the Loser’s Bracket — Kim beat Wanda in the blazing heat of Oak Mountain and Nikki beat Shella on the Ridge. Despite the loss, Shella, as usual, managed a birdie!!  Kim and Nikki will now face each other to see who will challenge Jennifer.

Round 4 lost some stalwart contenders! We say goodbye to: Sylvia, Patti, Wanda & Shella -- thank you so much for playing and congrats on hanging in there for FOUR rounds!!

[Please remember to post ALL of your MPM scores.]

Below are the matches that need to be played in Round 5 — please note that we are allowing an extra week for MPM this round —  due to so many players being involved in the Atlanta Challenge — August 6-7  (good luck team!!):

Deadline for Round 5: Sunday, August 28th. [Updated brackets attached]

First Flight

Winner's Bracket:

[Barbee doesn’t have long to wait — she will play the winner between Terri & Pia!]

Loser's Bracket:

Terri vs Pia 


Second Flight

Winner's Bracket:

Tricia, also, doesn’t have long to rest — she will play the winner between Laura & Jane

Loser's Bracket:

Laura vs Jane


Third Flight

Winner's Bracket:

Jennifer now gets to bide a little time… while the Loser’s Bracket catches up!

Loser's Bracket:

Kim vs Nikki  [ since Bobbie withdrew, the winner of this match will challenge Jennifer in the Winner’s Bracket]


Good luck and have fun!!

Jane & Jennifer


We empower girls through the game of golf and inspire them to dream BIG…

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf) is the only national junior golf program that specializes in providing girl-friendly environments for juniors to learn the game of golf. We’re the experts in making the game of golf fun, and we teach more than just stance and swing; we teach girls valuable life skills like confidence and perseverance.

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf provides an opportunity for girls, ages 7-17, to learn to play golf, build lasting friendships, and experience competition in a fun, supportive environment, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyment with the game. The organization was founded in 1989 with a pilot program in Phoenix, Arizona. There are now over 250 sites across the country with over 8000 girls participating.

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Birmingham was founded in 1997. In partnership with the Ladies Birmingham Golf Association, Lady Legacy Scholarship Foundation and Executive Women’s Golf Association, it is a two-part program incorporating Instruction and Competition. 

Lead instructor for the 2016 program is Neil Thompson, Director of Instruction, RTJ Golf Trail Academy of Golf.  The site director is our own Barbara Shaw.

We raised $340 for Girls Golf at the 50/50 drawing at our Golf Kickoff.  Thanks to Sylvia Sumners, who won the drawing, for donating her portion back to Girls Golf!!!

Member Profile

Have you moved or has your contact information changed? 

Have you updated your EWGA profile so you can continue to receive information on all our fun activities?

It’s quick and easy to update your contact and address information on your member record:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your email address and password

    If you have trouble logging in, please contact 561-691-0096 ext: 130

  3. Click on “My Information” orange button on the left side of the page
  4. Click on the “Edit/View Information” link
  5. Update your information and scroll down to Save
  6. Voila You’re Done!

10 Things to Know before Your First Round

You’ve been practicing and preparing, and it’s finally time to go out for your first real round of golf. Whether it’s a work outing or a casual nine-hole joint with some of your best girlfriends in the world, this can still be a nerve-wracking concept. No need to worry; just keep these 10 things in mind and you’ll be fine.  

By Stina Sternberg, Golf Digest 

1. Nobody cares how well you play, as long as you do it fast. You can whiff every other shot and still get invited back, over and over. Just make sure you move quickly between shots and pick up your ball if you’re falling too far behind.

2. The golf course is not a driving range. Even if you’re stinking it up big time, save your game analysis and repetitive practice swings for after the round.

3. Have fun, but keep the chit-chat to a minimum. Talking too much with your playing companions between swings will slow you down and take your focus off the game.

4. Focus on your playing partners as much as on yourself. If somebody else is swinging or putting, you need to stop what you’re doing, stand still and be quiet. Then proceed.

5. Bring lots of inexpensive golf balls. You’ll lose plenty in the beginning, and the worst thing you can do is waste everybody’s time by searching for them for too long.

6. Knowing the rules of the game is not as important as knowing the etiquette. No one will care if, as a beginner, you tee of an inch in front of the markers or ground your club in the bunker. But they will care if you don’t rake that bunker after you’re done.

7. Keeping score is completely unnecessary. Until you have a few rounds under your belt, it’s more likely to add a lot of stress to your round.

8. You don’t have to accept unsolicited swing advice from friends and/or strangers. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will want to “help” you hit the ball better. Politely decline and tell them you’re working on your swing off the course. Or your game will suffer.

9. Driving a golf cart is harder than you think. If you must ride, let somebody else take the wheel for your first few rounds, or you’re bound to drive it in places you’re not allowed to and blow past tees without letting people off.

10. Nobody cares how well you play, as long as you do it fast. (It’s worth repeating.) 

Click here for more tips from Stina at