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2015 Board of Directors

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Bellevue League Coordinator Charlene Waymire (May 2015)

Bellevue League Coordinator Charlene Waymire has only been golfing for a decade, but she's played in the Chapter Championship twice and, despite working in the tech industry (as a group finance manager at Microsoft), managed to play more than 20 rounds last year. She also plays in a few tournaments to support charities, including the 2014 Ladies on the Links tourney to benefit girls in The First Tee program.


Like many of us, she joined EWGA in search of opportunities to play golf and to improve her game. Toward that endeavor, she maintains a handicap and subscribes to two tips. First: "Quit beating myself up over my playing ability," and second, "Remember to have fun."


Asked about her favorite course, Charlene says she hasn't yet played enough different venues to name a favorite. She's enjoyed playing the Thunderbird Country Club Course in Rancho Mirage and says her bucket list includes playing a round or two in Maui. Other "faves" she named include:

Golf shoe...........................ECCO

Golf ball............................ Taylor Made and Nike Mojo (old style)

Club....................................#5 Hybrid

19th hole beverage...............Strawberry daiquiri or cosmopolitan

She tries to stick with water while playing, adding it's most important it has a lid, "otherwise I spill my beverage all over the place." She also resists snacking while playing, but says a hot dog at the turn helps with re-energizing for the back nine.


Among golf gifts she has received, she lists golf rain boots from her father-in-law as one of her favorites.


When not playing golf, Charlene keeps busy as a mom, supporting her daughter's golf and gymnastics activities. She also enjoys cooking, photography and crafts.


If you haven't yet met Charlene, you'll find her at Bellevue Golf Course on Thursday evening.

Mount Si League Coordinator Debbie McCleery (2015 profile)

Meet Mount Si League Coordinator Debbie McCleery, a Chapter member since 2003 and golfer for about 20 years. Her EWGA involvement also includes stints on the board, initially stepping in to fill a mid-term vacancy.


When not golfing, this West Seattle resident enjoys doting on her grandchildren, which means frequent trips to Scottsdale, Arizona. Debbie has spent most of her career as an insurance professional and currently serves as a program manager with Insurance Services Group.


Travel and work limited her play last year to around 10 rounds, and while she doesn't maintain a handicap, it's on her to-do list.


Asked about her "faves," when it comes to clubs in her bag, Debbie will reach for a 7-iron. As for shoes, she's a Nike fan. Her favorite golf balls are Callaway and Volvik Crystal. While on the course, she might snack on nuts for an energy boost and the beverage of choice is water, but once in the clubhouse it's Chardonnay ("it goes well with my patty melt.")


"Tin Cup" ranks No. 1 as her favorite golf movie and golf clubs topped the list for best golf gift she ever received.


As for the best golf tip she ever received, Debbie answered "work on getting your rhythm in your setup and swing - and focus, focus, focus!"


Handicap Chair Lisa Scott (2014 Profile)

One of the EWGA's reasons for being is exactly why current Handicap Chair Lisa Scott joined in 2005; it was the only organization she found that offered leagues after work! She was ready to get out there and play, but that pesky thing called work got in the way during the day.


Lisa has played regularly in leagues and weekend events, and has also been quite active--and successful--in tournament play. Now a 16 handicap, she was part of the "Emerald City Stix Chix" team that took second place in last fall's EWGA Cup Match Play Finals in Florida. In stroke play last year, she was 1st place low net in the Seattle Chapter Championship's First Flight.


Much as she'd like to share an easy path to success, she acknowledges that her secret weapon is "practice, practice, practice," and says that the best advice she's ever heard is that working on your short game (chipping, putting, etc.) is the easiest way to lower your score.


Lisa believes that the best part of the EWGA is the people she has met, and she encourages new members to jump in feet first! Try out different weekly leagues and weekend events, and attend the social events.


She is a year-round golfer, but has more time

to play in the summer when demands on a CPA aren't QUITE as "taxing." Her favorite course to play is Bandon Dunes in Oregon, but her most memorable golf vacation was her trip to the EWGA Cup Match Play Finals last fall "with a group of fabulous EWGA women."


As Handicap Chair, Lisa advises chapter members about what handicaps are, why you'd want one, and what options there are for maintaining your handicap, including EWGA's GN21 option and the GHIN handicap. Look for occasional write-ups in our newsletter regarding handicaps, but also look for her at the April 12 Tee-Off Brunch; she's happy to talk one-on-one about handicaps and how to start!


To participate in the EWGA Chapter Championship or EWGA Cup, players must have an established USGA handicap index and have an equivalent of two eighteen-hole scores posted to her handicap record in the current year. To establish a USGA handicap index, a player must post the minimum equivalent of five 18-hole scores; note that 9-hole scores such as those from league play can also be posted. And, in Washington state, our handicap season started March 1, so start tracking and posting those scores!


For more information go to the Handicap Section of the EWGA Seattle Web site. 

Kathy Anderson (2013 Profile)



Four years ago, Kathy Anderson was golfing now and then, but only a few of her friends played, and it was hard to coordinate schedules. One of her friends invited her to a Ladies' Night event at Puetz, and she discovered EWGA.


Kathy enjoys  introducing  her young  nieces and nephews to the game


"When I saw all the opportunities EWGA had to play, between leagues and weekend events, I knew this is what I was looking for," she recalls.


She knew no one in EWGA when she joined. She signed up for that first weekend event and remembers waiting in the parking lot for a while, working to gain the confidence to head to the event. She did, and Tammy Curtis greeted her with a welcoming smile. The gals she played with were friendly and were talking about the weekly leagues they also played.


Her advice to new members? "Don't let the fact that you don't know anyone stop you from coming out to an event. We're a friendly group!" And that's true whether you're a veteran golfer or a beginner. Kathy started playing golf when she was 26. She encourages "newbies" to get out there, just keep pace with the group, and don't be afraid to ask questions along the way.


Kathy hadn't been a member for long before other members noticed her enthusiasm (and her LONG drives, earning her the nickname "Boom Boom"). In her first year, she played in a foursome that included then-Membership Chair Connie Spooner. By the end of the round, Connie knew she had a potential leader in her group and asked her if she'd be interested in taking over the role next year.


"After some questions about what the job entailed, I said I was in!" Kathy served as Membership Chair in 2010 and 2011 and helped out again this year as the chapter looked to fill the Chair role; she now co-chairs with Marcia Bartlett.  Serving as an active volunteer helped her meet even more members of EWGA and the local golf community.


Through EWGA, Kathy has expanded her circle of friends on and off the course. "That's definitely been one of the best benefits of membership," she says. In addition to joining

her EWGA friends at social activities when she's not working/traveling with her job, she also loves spending time with family.  "I have six

nieces and nephews under the age of 11 that keep me busy.  I'm getting them started with golf, which they seem to like (so far)."


Thanks for helping to build the future of golf, Kathy!

Yvonne Gitchel (2013 profile)

Yvonne Gitchel--From Newbie to Trophy-Winner!



Since joining EWGA in 2005, Yvonne Gitchel has held a number of volunteer roles. This year, she becomes the

15th president in EWGA Seattle's 20-year history. 


Back in the early 2000's, Yvonne had never golfed and when she watched it on TV, it looked "kinda boring" to her. But then an EWGA member and then co-worker, Mary Marshall, gave her a one-year membership as a Thank You gift. Not one to let a gift go to waste, she bought golf gear, signed up for lessons, and got hooked!


As a totally new golfer, she signed up for EWGA's Heron Links Par 3 league.

"I remember driving to league the very first night and being so scared that I just wanted to turn the car around and skip it," she recalls. "I was so relieved to find out that every new golfer that came that first night felt exactly the same way!" Supported by the great attitude of league coordinator Cherie Litson, she learned a lot and, after several sessions at Heron, began playing the "big girl's course" at the Nile.


Playing at the Nile led to her first volunteer role with EWGA, league co-coordinator. "It gave me the opportunity to help out and give back to our chapter, as well as get to know more fantastic women golfers!"

Before she knew it, she had built a handicap, and others were encouraging her to compete in the EWGA Chapter Championship. However, she didn't think she was competitive, or knew the rules well enough, so she signed up to volunteer at the event. That experience gave her a better understanding of the event. She also saw the fun that her fellow members were having.


So, last July, she took the leap and entered the tournament, competing in the Fourth Flight. (In the championship, players are paired with others having similar handicaps, so all skill

levels are welcome). Not only did she qualify for the semi-finals in Utah, but she made it to the EWGA Championship Finals in Florida and finished seventh out of ALL Fourth Flight players in EWGA!

"Playing in the semi-finals in Utah was a huge highlight of my year. The camaraderie among the Seattle players was a wonderful thing to be a part of," she says. "And I won my first trophy in a competition!"


Yvonne is a great example of an EWGA member who has experienced the full range of what EWGA offers--golf (of course!), networking, friendship, and volunteerism. She hopes others take advantage of all the opportunities her membership has provided to her.


"Golf has opened many doors for me personally and professionally, and I'd like to see more women have the same experience. It's through volunteerism and participation that members feel more connected to the organization and to each other," she points out. "It's my hope that each member finds a volunteer

opportunity that not only 'fits' with them, but also challenges them to go beyond what they think is within their ability."


Despite all her EWGA activity, Yvonne finds time to work at a paying job. She has her own business, Executive Support Advantage, which provides an array of administrative and event support services to board-governed professional peer groups and associations.


And when she's not golfing with her EWGA pals, Yvonne enjoys

spending time with her husband and two adult daughters as well as dabbling in her addictive scrapbooking hobby.