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Welcome to the Birmingham, Alabama Chapter

Started in 1994, the Birmingham Chapter of the EWGA was named a “Chapter of Distinction” by EWGA in 2013.  We invite all women throughout the community to join in our celebration.  Come and discover what golf can bring to your life and the wealth of opportunities that EWGA membership provides.  We are building more than great connections.  Whether you are an experienced golfer or are interested in learning and have never played – this is your opportunity to get involved, meet more women and have more fun.  Come and meet women that have the potential to change the course of your life.  We offer an abundance of affordable, organized  golf opportunities, networking and social events that fit the needs and schedule of today’s women.  For more information about the EWGA and its membership, visit

EWGA Championship Semi-final
June 27, Chateau Élan
Braselton, Georgia

The Chapter wishes all those competing the best of luck!

Thank you for representing us!

Championship Flight:  Pia Todora

First Flight:  Jane McGriff

Second Flight:  Sylvia Sumners

Scramble Team: Tricia Taylor, Jennifer Whitaker, Terri Henderson, Barbee Bryant

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Match Play Madness - Round 4

The competition is heating up along with the temperatures! more

June and July Travel Play Dates!

We have finalized arrangements for our travel play dates for June and... more

Support Girls Golf! Upcoming Play Dates

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Nine and Dine at Ross Bridge

•Tee times 5:00-5:20 p.m.
•$49 plus tax for 9 holes.
•Optional add-on... more

Women's Golf Month at Honours Courses

EWGA Only Special (This special is ongoing until otherwise notified)

  • Members will receive free golf if they book a night in the Lakehouse at Cherokee Ridge! For more details or to reserve a room members should contact Will Fisher, Director of Golf at Cherokee Ridge, at (256) 498.5300.


Women’s Golf Month Specials during the month of June

  • Highland Park – Women’s rate of $36 Monday – Thursday (205) 322.1902

  • Cider Ridge – Women’s rate of $35 anytime Monday – Thursday (256) 831.7222

  • Lagoon Park – Women’s rates of $32 Monday – Thursday and $35 Friday – Sunday (334) 240.4050

        • We also have free ladies clinics on June 11th and 18th at 10 am (Call to register)

      • Gateway – Women’s rate of $1 per hole for golf and cart (334) 284.7920

      • Cherokee Ridge – Women’s rate of $35 Tuesday – Friday and $39 Saturday – Sunday (256) 498.5300

      Welcome New Members!

      We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members. We are so pleased to have you in the Birmingham Chapter!
      • Alice Lowry
      • Bethany Seidel
      • Pat Sheeler
      • Faye Fulmer
      • Barbara Mosley
      • Cindy Rayburn
      • Jan Sweatman
      • Angie Palmer (Kiva Dunes) *
      • Lindsay Hart (Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club)*
      • Kim Jones
      • Trey Childs (Craft Farms Golf Resort) *
      • David Sikes (Cherokee Ridge Country Club) *
      • Laura Lombard
      • Laura Johnson
      • Ashlee Lowry (Rock Creek Golf Club) *
      • Doug Wert (Cider Ridge Golf Club) *

      *EWGA Golf Club Network Membership

      Need to Renew an Expired Membership?

      • Members have 2 months to renew online before they are considered lapsed and are locked out of the database for renewal purposes.  After 2 months, they will need to complete a renewal form and return it by fax or mail so that they can be reactivated in the database.

      • However, within that 2 month window, if members are even one day past their renewal date they will not be able to sign into the Members Only area ( – which includes the Member Clubhouse and the GN21 Handicap system.

      • To renew, these members must go to the main EWGA website at and sign in (upper right corner) using their email and password.

      • That takes them to the page with the “Membership Renewal” button on the left.

      • Of course, if anyone has issues, contact EWGA HQ on the toll free number at 800-407-1477 x10 so we can take their renewal by phone.

      Handicap Information

      Click here to access our handicap information page.  You can access the link to post a score from the information page or you can click here to go directly to the EWGA member portal. 

      Golf Club Network

      As a member of EWGA you are entitled to discounts at golf courses that are a member of the EWGA Golf Network. Current courses in Alabama are listed below:

      Click here for information and discounts at each course. 

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      1. Guest Day Greystone Founders

        Jul 10, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (CT)
        United States
      2. Hot Dog Night

        Jul 14, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CT)
        Birmingham, AL, United States
      3. Ross Bridge Nine and Dine

        Jul 16, 5:00 PM - 5:20 PM (CT)
        Hoover, AL, United States
      4. Travel Play Date at Cider Ridge

        Jul 18, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CT)
        Oxford, AL, United States
      5. Women's Stroke Play Championship

        Jul 22 - 24
        Cullman, AL, United States
      6. Dixie Cup

        Jul 24 - 26
        Braselton, GA, United States
      7. Ross Bridge Nine and Dine

        Aug 20, 5:00 PM - 5:20 PM (CT)
        Hoover, AL, United States
      8. Guest Day Greystone Founders

        Aug 28, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (CT)
        United States
      9. Ross Bridge Nine and Dine

        Sep 10, 4:40 PM - 5:00 PM (CT)
        Hoover, AL, United States
      10. EWGA Cup Southern Qualifier

        Sep 19 - 20
        Naples, FL, United States

      10 Things to Know before Your First Round

      You’ve been practicing and preparing, and it’s finally time to go out for your first real round of golf. Whether it’s a work outing or a casual nine-hole joint with some of your best girlfriends in the world, this can still be a nerve-wracking concept. No need to worry; just keep these 10 things in mind and you’ll be fine.  

      By Stina Sternberg, Golf Digest 

      1. Nobody cares how well you play, as long as you do it fast. You can whiff every other shot and still get invited back, over and over. Just make sure you move quickly between shots and pick up your ball if you’re falling too far behind.

      2. The golf course is not a driving range. Even if you’re stinking it up big time, save your game analysis and repetitive practice swings for after the round.

      3. Have fun, but keep the chit-chat to a minimum. Talking too much with your playing companions between swings will slow you down and take your focus off the game.

      4. Focus on your playing partners as much as on yourself. If somebody else is swinging or putting, you need to stop what you’re doing, stand still and be quiet. Then proceed.

      5. Bring lots of inexpensive golf balls. You’ll lose plenty in the beginning, and the worst thing you can do is waste everybody’s time by searching for them for too long.

      6. Knowing the rules of the game is not as important as knowing the etiquette. No one will care if, as a beginner, you tee of an inch in front of the markers or ground your club in the bunker. But they will care if you don’t rake that bunker after you’re done.

      7. Keeping score is completely unnecessary. Until you have a few rounds under your belt, it’s more likely to add a lot of stress to your round.

      8. You don’t have to accept unsolicited swing advice from friends and/or strangers. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will want to “help” you hit the ball better. Politely decline and tell them you’re working on your swing off the course. Or your game will suffer.

      9. Driving a golf cart is harder than you think. If you must ride, let somebody else take the wheel for your first few rounds, or you’re bound to drive it in places you’re not allowed to and blow past tees without letting people off.

      10. Nobody cares how well you play, as long as you do it fast. (It’s worth repeating.) 

      Click here for more tips from Stina at


      2015 Chapter Championship Results

      The 2015 Birmingham Chapter Championship is now history, and we have a new champion, Pia Todora, with a gross score of 85! 

      The weather was absolutely beautiful, although a little warm for some since the temperature reached 90. Rules Official Susan McDaniel got a little frustrated because of slow play, but there has to be a first time in tournament play for every member and we welcome the new members who participated. You will play faster by next year!  

      Deb Ramseur was in the last group of open players and towards the end of the front nine, she came upon this quite large snake stretched across the entire cart path, strange none of the earlier groups saw it. Hopefully Deb will send pictures of the "monster" to Nikki so you can all see it. 

      My thanks to Rules Official Susan McDaniel, scramble team markers Martha Graves and Karen Larsen, and roving spotter Eldon Bryant. 

      Complete tournament results: 

      Championship Flight:
      Pia Todora, first low gross

      First Flight:
      Anne Yuengert, first low gross (Anne shot a 36 (even par) on the back nine!)
      Eva Shepherd, first low net

      Second Flight:
      Jane McGriff, first low gross
      Sylvia Sumners, first low net
      Lorraine Maddox, second low gross
      Anna Fredriksson, second low net
      Janie Stevenson-Davis, third low gross

      Third Flight:
      Kim Jones, first low gross
      Mary Ramsey, first low net 

      Fourth Flight:
      Bobbie Markham, first low gross

      Scramble Teams:
      Team Bryant, first place
          Barbee Bryant
          Terri Henderson
          Tricia Taylor
          Jennifer Whitaker

      Team Steinert, second place
          Carol Steinert
          Angela Nash
          Patti Reid
          Donna Snider

      First low gross and first low net in each flight plus the first place scramble team are eligible to advance to the regional semi-final, this year on Saturday, June 27, at Chateau Elan Winery & Resort in Braselton, Georgia. 

      In addition to those in competition we had Bettie Cook, Linda Stockton, Wanda Venhuizen, Debbie Ramseur, and Jane McGriff's son, Reynolds, join us in open play.

      Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all our participants.

      Click here to see the slide show. 


      Member Privacy Vs. Required Contact information

      • More and more EWGA members are concerned about having their personal contact information appear online.  EWGA respects that, and has a couple of options to have control of what appears.

      • The option of marking your record in the EWGA database as “Do Not Publish Online” is available; however, it has negative consequences.  If this is done to a member record, then the member is blocked from being able to login to the EWGA Member Clubhouse and the Handicap Service.  We do not recommend this option.

      • Some members go online and delete their mailing address, phone and email so that it won’t appear online.  We definitely do not recommend this option as then there is no way to communicate with them at all.  This impacts our Chapter too, as the contact information won’t appear on the roster we receive each week.

      • The best option is for members to login to the Member Clubhouse ( and update the “Privacy Settings” under the “My Profile” tab.  You can choose specifically which information you want to show online, and to whom (Including nobody).

      • To ensure that you continue to receive our Chapter communications, we also recommend that you do not "opt out" on the newsletters and other email blasts that we send using our email client.  Once you do this, we cannot add you back in and you will not receive all of our email communications and thus will not be fully informed of what is going on in our chapter.