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Welcome to the Birmingham, Alabama Chapter

Started in 1994, the Birmingham Chapter of the EWGA  is celebrating its 20th year of connecting women through the game of golf and has been named a “Chapter of Distinction” by EWGA.  We invite all women throughout the community to join in our celebration.  Come and discover what golf can bring to your life and the wealth of opportunities that EWGA membership provides.  We are building more than great connections.  Whether you are an experienced golfer or are interested in learning and have never played – this is your opportunity to get involved, meet more women and have more fun.  Come and meet women that have the potential to change the course of your life.  We offer an abundance of affordable, organized  golf opportunities, networking and social events that fit the needs and schedule of today’s women.  For more information about the EWGA and its membership, visit

Welcome New Members!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members. We are so pleased to have you in the Birmingham Chapter!
  • Jackie Crowder
  • Nikki Ryberg
  • Melissa Tate
  • Peggy Williams
  • Tracey Morant-Adams
  • Brenda Cook
  • Lisa Phillips
  • LauraBeth Yates
  • Deb Hinton
  • Christy Horn
  • Beth Blackburn
  • Sue Failor
  • Denise Pritchard
  • Susan Williamson
  • Vernita Johnson
  • Janie Davis
  • Ashley Kalifeh
  • Leslie West
  • Kathy Rogers
  • Shella Sylla
  • Annette Thompson
  • Debby Girard
  • Sue Irwin
  • Dawn Nolan
  • Tonia Tse
  • Jessica Kubat
  • Terri Whitley  

Handicap Information

Click here to access our handicap information page.  You can access the link to post a score from the information page or you can click here to go directly to the EWGA member portal. 


Cup Team Advances!

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Ladies Clinics with Liz Mattioli - Highland Park

Liz will be offering a series of Ladies Only clinics at Highland Park... more

2014 Birmingham EWGA Cup Team

The members of the team are:
Anne Yuengert
Jane McGriff
Kate Sharp
Sylvia... more

2014 Atlanta Challenge Team

The 2014 Atlanta Challenge Team Members are as follows:

Team Members:
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Golf Club Network

As a member of EWGA you are entitled to discounts at golf courses that are a member of the EWGA Golf Network. Current courses in Birmingham are Ballantrae Golf Club and Robert Trent Jones at Ross Bridge and Robert Trent Jones at Oxmoor Valley.  Click here for the current  rates in Birmingham. 

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HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - September 2014

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  1. Lady Legacy Foundation Tournament

    Oct 13, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CT)
    United States
  2. Calera Goes Pink Presented by EWGA Birmingham

    Oct 19, 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CT)
    Calera, AL, United States

Nominations for Helen Brothers Spirit Award

Do you have someone you want to nominate for the Helen Brothers Spirit Award?  Read the following about Helen and if one of your fellow EWGA members has these traits, please nominate them.  Nominations will close on October 3.  Nominees will be placed on a ballot and submitted to the membership for vote on October 3.  Voting will close on October 13 and the winner announced at the end of the year celebration.  Previous winners are not eligible.  Submit your nominations to Sylvia Sumners,

In 2002, Dora Brandt announced that the Chapter was establishing a new award, the Helen Brothers Spirit Award, to be given each year to a member who exhibited Helen's love of golf. Helen loved to play golf, and always had a smile and a cheerful outlook, whether she hit a perfect long drive down the middle of the fairway, or shanked it into the water. In August of 2002, Helen suffered a stroke or heart attack, the doctors aren't sure which, and she passed away in 2004.   

Once Helen’s daughters were grown and she took up golf, she would mark golf dates on her calendar and everyone in the family knew that she was not available to babysit grandchildren or attend birthday parties or anything else on those days!  

Helen had a challenge which most of us do not have.  One of her legs was a good two inches shorter than the other so she had to wear special shoes.  This never affected her spirit, her love of golf or her desire to play golf.  She was a great example for all of us and everyone loved playing with Helen. 

Past  Winners:
2002 – Susie Watterson
2003 – Cherry Smith
2004 – Karen Smitherman
2005 – Dora Brandt
2006 – Nancy Hess
2007 – Debbie Ramseur
2008 – Terri Henderson
2009 – Sylvia Sumners
2010 – Bettye Anne Shratter
2011 – Carol White
2012 – Jane McGriff
2013 – Vicki Changet

It's OK Rules!


The "It's OK to Play" practices were designed to provide guiltless ways to make golf more fun while learning.  While the Rules of Golf are important, they apply to keeping score and competition. When you are learning the game or just out to have some fun, it's OK to use these practices as an enjoyable way to play and have fun.

The "It's OK to Play" practices were introduced at the GOLF 20/20 Forum in May, 2011 in conjunction with the World Golf Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in St. Augustine, FL.


  • The "It's OK to Play" practices are a list of 18 ways to make golf more fun while learning and to help overcome the intimidation that may come with knowing all the rules.
  • The "It's OK to Play" list was put in writing to confirm to all who are learning golf, the message that it is OK to bend a few rules while learning.
  • The list was prepared in consultation with Rand Jerris, Senior Managing Director, Public Services, USGA.
  • USGA supports the "It's OK to Play" practices as another effort to get more people and families out on the courses and having fun with golf.
  • Steps are being taken to ensure widespread adoption of these practices to golf courses and facilities across the nation.

Some "It's Okay" hints include:

  • It's okay to start each hole from the shortest tees, or make up your own length. It's okay to start at the 150 yard marker if you like.
  • It's okay to make the ball easier to hit by rolling it around and setting it up on a little tuft of fact, it's okay to 'tee the ball up' ANYWHERE when you are first learning to play.
  • It's okay to throw the ball out of a bunker if you try to hit it but miss - we recommend giving at least one try, but it's okay to do what you like. Be sure to rake your footprints, too.
  • It's okay to move your ball away from trees, rocks or very hilly lies. It's okay to give yourself a better lie and an easier shot.
  • It's okay to play any number of holes and call it a round of golf. You can play 3-holes, 6-holes, 9-holes, 12-holes, etc.
  • For full it's okay tips Click here